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When to do Mandatory Biometric Update of Aadhaar for Children?

The UIDAI, or Unique Identification Authority of India, has released a guideline on Aadhaar cards for children, also known as the Baal Aadhaar. The concerned authority has supposedly issued several mandatory guidelines regarding the biometric information update in the Aadhaar card data for children below five years of age.

UIDAI also informed that besides making it a compulsory process, they have also made it free of cost. Moreover, they have further informed us that the initial Aadhaar card number will remain unchanged even after updating the biometric information. So, all parents should compulsorily visit their nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre and fill up the required form and apply for updating the biometric information of their child. 

What is Baal Aadhaar?

UIDAI, which manages and regulates the 12-digit Aadhaar, provides the Aadhar Card to children who are under five years of age. The card enables access to different social benefits and works as a digital photo identity evidence for children from birth.

Since children under five years of age do not have biometrics like fingerprints, a Baal Aadhaar card does not contain biometric information like fingerprint or iris scans. As a result, once a child turns five, it is legally required to update their biometric information. Then, when the child turns fifteen, they must update the biometric for the second time. 

What is a Blue coloured Aadhaar card?

To distinguish the normal Aadhaar card from the Baal Aadhaar, UIDAI has issued a blue Aadhaar card for children who are below the age of five. However, you must know that once your child turns five, the blue coloured Aadhaar card becomes invalid. So, to update the Aadhaar card of your child, you have to upgrade its details with the child’s biometrics when they turn the age of five. 

How to apply for Baal Aadhaar Card?

To apply for a children’s Aadhaar card, make sure to follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI. It is uidai.gov.in.
  • Choose the option of Aadhaar Card registration.
  • Fill in the essential details of your child, like their name, guardian’s name, contact details, address proof, and their biometric information related to the guardian and kid.
  • Then you must fill up the demographic details of your child, which should be the same as yours. It includes the permanent residential address, area, state etc.
  • Make sure to review all the details thoroughly and submit them.
  • Next, you have to choose the appointment option.
  • Choose your child’s nearest enrolment centre for Aadhaar and schedule the appointment.
  • You need to provide some of the supporting documents required for a minor Aadhaar card, such as identity proof, proof of relationship, address proof, reference number, date of birth etc. The responsible Aadhaar executive will then finish the entire process and provide you with the acknowledgement number that you may use for tracking the application process.
  • Then, as the last step of the process, the Aadhaar card would be posted to the given address within sixty days of application.

Blue Aadhaar Card: Important Features

  • To avail of the child’s Aadhaar card, the parent must fill in the application form and then register it. After registering the necessary documents required for a minor Aadhaar card, such as identity and address proof, the birth certificate of the child is required. 
  • Blue Aadhaar doesn’t contain any biometric information about the child.
  • When the child attains the age of five, it will have to be updated on the Aadhaar card with compulsory biometrics.
  • According to the UIDAI, the blue-coloured Baal Aadhaar card for the children may function as an identity card for the toddlers and enrolling them into schools will become easier. Also, one may use the birth certificate of the child as a valid document proof.

Children below 5 years of age

For biometrics, children under the age of five are not permitted. As a result, the Aadhaar database for children does not contain biometric information like fingerprint and iris scans. The child’s biometrics must be updated once they turn five.

Their UID will undergo the procedure depending on demographic information and a face image linked to their parent’s UID. For kids who are at least 5 years old, a photo and biometric information like a fingerprint and iris scan will be obtained.

Children above 15 years of age

Children with Aadhaar who are over the age of 15 and those who need to update their biometric data are also needed to attend an enrolment centre with their fingerprints, iris, and photographs. You must also keep in handy the proof of identification documents that shows your current residence.

Fees for updating

Citizens usually pay Rs 50 to UIDAI for further updates. But UIDAI is now providing this required update after five years and fifteen years. You must remember to update your child’s biometric information in their Aadhaar card when they reach the age of five and fifteen years. This Required biometric update for the child is free of cost.

Wrapping Up

By providing the required Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Identity (POI) documents, Aadhaar card number holders must update the supporting and necessary documents in their Aadhaar every ten years after enrolling it.

In addition to giving your child an identification, an Aadhaar also provides him authority and enables him to access a variety of government incentives. It is therefore highly advised that you enrol your child in Baal Aadhaar. 



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